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CAD, Vector Sitting Characters in Side View

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Side View Sitting Characters Characters

Description: CAD and vector set of line art drawings of various sitting characters in different life situations. Perfect for your 2D drawings like sections, elevations, collages, visualizations, and renderings.

Keywords:  A set of CAD and vector line art characters designed for architectural documentation. The characters are depicted in various seated and crouching positions, engaged in everyday activities. Some characters are holding cups, while others are using handheld devices like smartphones or tablets. A few characters are looking at laptops. The poses range from sitting with legs crossed or apart, to sitting cross-legged on the floor. These line art characters can be used in architectural cross sections and elevations, illustrating how people might interact within different spaces.

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Format: AutoCAD (DWGs) + Vector Adobe Illustrator (Ai file)

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Also, you are not allowed to use products from Post Digital Architecture in similar or any competing services.

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