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Bathroom and Restroom Measurements and Standards Guide

Standards and Measurements: Bathroom and Toilet

By Igor Grushko, Editor: Kateryna Suzina

Sometimes we forget the most obvious dimension standards when it comes to bathroom and restroom planning. We've put together the most important measurements and principles to make your bathroom planning procces much more easy and fast.

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  • The space gap between the wall and the toilet shouldn't be less than 20cm, 40cm would be an ideal choice
  • Toilet seat's height should be between 40 and 45cm from floor surface, depending on average height of family's members
  • Best location for toilet's water tank push button on the wall will be between 80 and 100cm from the floor (the dimension is from the floor to the center of the button)
  • It's recommended to install a toilet paper holder at a height of 60 to 70 cm from the floor for easy access
  • Place a paper holder in a 70cm distance from a perpendicular wall of the toilet or in a distance of 20 - 25 cm from toilet's edge


  • The standard bath size measures 170cm in length, 70cm in width, and 56cm in height
  • For shower controls in a seated shower or bathtub with a built-in seat, the standard height is typically between 75 - 100cm from the floor, allowing for easy access and operation while sitting
  • When designing a bathtub for families with children or pets, it's important to leave ample space for legroom at the bottom of the tub, with a recommended minimum clearance of 8cm between the bathtub and the floor
  • The height of the grab bar should be mounted at a range of 85 to 110cm above the floor, taking into consideration the height of family's members
  • The height of the robe hook or towel bar also depends on the height of family members. It should be mounted at a range of 150 to 180cm above the floor


  • When selecting a shower cabin, choose a width that works best for your space, typically ranging from 80cm x 80cm to 120cm x 120cm
  • For optimal comfort, ensure that the height of your shower stall is at least 200cm above the floor, accommodating users of almost all heights
  • To make it easy for users of different heights and abilities to access the shower controls, mount them between 100 - 120cm above the floor
  • Make sure to provide at least 60cm of free space in front of the shower door to allow for comfortable entry and exit
  • To prevent slipping, ensure that the shower's floor gently slopes towards the drain with a minimum slope of 1% or 1cm per 1 meter  
  • To ensure safety and convenience, choose a grab bar height between 90 and 110cm above the floor
  • To ensure that your shower shelves can accommodate your shampoo bottles and other toiletries, aim for vertical space of 20 to 25cm between first and second shelve
  • To make sure your towels are easily accessible after shower, consider placing the towel bar within hand reach of the shower cabin, around 50 to 60cm away
  • For optimal functionality and style, choose a towel bar height between 90 to 120cm
  • Hang your robe in style by mounting the robe hook between 150 to 180 cm above ground 

Sink Area

  • Make sure the distance from the floor to the bottom of the cabinet is between 30 - 35cm
  • For a functional bathroom design, ensure that the width of the mirror is no less than 40cm
  • For comfortable use of the sink, it's recommended to leave a minimum vertical distance of 30cm between the sink and the mirror
  • To keep your towels within easy reach, it's suggested to install a towel ring at a height of 90 to 120 cm
  • The height to place a shelf above a sink can vary depending on personal preference and the sink's height. A general recommendation is to place the shelf between 120 - 150cm from the floor surface

Public Restroom (Not wheelchair accessible)

  • Make sure that restroom is easily accessible and comfortable to use, leave a free space in front of your sinks of at least 110cm
  • For easy access and comfortable experience cabin's doors width should be at least 60cm
  • Restroom cabin size typically starts from 150 to 80 cm, which provides enough space for comfortable use and movement inside

Bath Tub Sizes

  • Sitting baths come in a variety of sizes and dimensions to accommodate various body shapes and bathroom layouts, two examples of sitting bathtubs are 105x67cm and 125x67cm
  • Baths with dimensions of 140x57cm and 150x57cm are popularly chosen sizes among bathroom fixtures since they are compact and will fit in your small bathroom
  • Bigger baths, such as those measuring 160x57cm and 170x57cm, are not only cozier, but they also have the bonus of having the ability to accommodate two people at once
  • With a bath like this (160x57cm and 170x57cm), you can also stretch out and relax at full height
  • In addition to these standards, there are numerous bath models available in a range of shapes and sizes to accommodate different aesthetic tastes and practical requirements
Following these measurement standards can help ensure a comfortable and accessible restroom experience
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