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Kitchen and Dining Area Measurements and Standards Guide

Standards Guide: Kitchen and Dining Area

By Igor Grushko, Kateryna Suzina

Whenever it comes to designing a kitchen, we occasionally overlook the most basic dimension guidelines. In order to make the process faster and more convenient, we've included the most crucial dimensions and guidelines in this article.

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  • The distance between kitchen cabinets and the island shouldn't be less than 120 cm for easy access
  • Depending on family members height, the height of the kitchen countertops should be between 85 and 95 cm
  • The ideal vertical distance from the kitchen countertops to the wall cabinets should be between 50 and 60 cm
  • Wall cabinets' top surface has to be 200 to 230 cm from the floor level, that also depends on family members' average height
  • For comfortable usage, it is advised to place electrical outlets 110 cm off floor level or around 15 - 20 cm from the countertop surface 
  • The optimal size for standard floor cabinets is 60 - 70 cm in width, 55 - 60 cm in depth, and 85 - 95 cm in height 
  • For wall cabinets the standard depth is typically between 35 to 40 cm
  • Consider heights of family members while mounting an island worktop, which should be between 85 and 110 cm above floor level
  • At least 80 to 90 cm should be left between island worktop surface and the bottom of the hanged lamp
  • Bar stool's height should be between 70 and 80 cm, depending on kitchen island's height
  • At least 10 to 15 cm of toe recess height and 6 - 8 cm of toe recess depth are recommended under the cabinet
  • For comfortable use, there must be at least 25 cm between the bottom of the worktop and the seat of the bar stool
  • For optimal use, the depth for legs under bar's/ island's table should be 20 to 38 cm

Dining Seating Area


  • The optimal chair measures are 40 - 45 cm in width and 42 - 47 cm in height
  • A minimum of 10 cm should be left between the edge of the table and the chair for maximum comfort
  • Make sure that there is a minimum of 20 cm between each chair for both comfort and aesthetics
  • Make sure to provide at least 30 cm of free space in front of the table to the wall and 70 cm to the furniture for comfortable entry and exit
  • For best use of the dining table, it's recommended to leave a minimum vertical distance of 60 cm between the top of the table and the lower edge of the lamp
  • Round dining tables must follow similar standards as for rectangular dining tables, providing at least 30 cm of free space to the wall and 70 cm between the table and the cabinets
  • The diameter of a round dining table is determined by the number of seats; for example - 60 cm diameters are used for two seaters, 90 cm for 3 seaters and 105 cm for 4 seaters

Kitchen Layouts


  • Good kitchen layouts follow a rule known as Kitchen Work Triangle, it involves setting up the refrigerator, cooktop and the sink to minimize the number of steps needed to move between them
  • A typical design is the  Wraparound or U-shaped kitchen, which has three walls of cabinets to provide a practical workstation
  • The peninsula kitchen layout option offers an attached but separate workspace that is similar to an island and at the same time is connected to the rest of the kitchen by an extension
  • A great option for tiny spaces is the Double Gallery that is arranged between two parallel walls of cabinets and appliances
  • Single wall kitchen is a common contemporary design that unites the dining, living, and cooking spaces into a single, spacious area to create a smooth linear flow
  • The island kitchen is a flexible design that contains a freestanding island, which serves as space's main spot, adds additional storage and extra counter space
Following these measurement standards can help ensure a comfortable and accessible kitchen and dining area experience
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